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We here at Symphony Law believe that you don't always have to engage a lawyer full time to get access to justice.  

So, through a series of seminars and toolkits, we're teaching you how to do more for yourself.  It's a radical experiment in how you can use lawyers.  We hope you will join us for the ride. 

Untangled: a lawyer's tips and tricks for handling longstanding family conflict over wills, baches, estates and life itself

What is it?

Untangled is a seminar presentation to help people embroiled in longstanding family disputes figure out what they need while remaining (mostly) lawyer free.  Disputes over baches, over family estates, over Wills, over family trusts, and many other things besides.  

It is for lovely people who live their lives wanting to do the right thing, but who either cannot or do not want to pay for a lawyer to act for them.  People with a bit of a can do attitude who prefer to do things for themselves.  You do not have to be in the middle of a dispute or a conflict: these are life lessons and secrets we're offering. 

It includes:

  • A pithy, irreverent seminar, in which our lawyer Katie explains the framework, serves muffins, and hosts a Q&A
  • A set of beautiful written materials (the toolkit) that include:
    • the contents of the seminar, in much greater detail;
    • practical tips and tricks for managing disputes and conflict, including what happens when you're dealing with a jerk;
    • insider information on how to get the best value for money from lawyers (including a bunch of things most lawyers won't tell you about how they work);
    • advice on how to deal with stress and big feelings in conflict; and 
    • heaps of resources on related topics for you to learn more.

The package is (ahem) PACKED with tips, tricks and advice from an actual litigation lawyer with both professional and personal experience in conflict, disputes, and conflict and disputes with jerks.  

What does it cost?

Tickets to the 17 September 2015 date for Untangled cost $50.  You can buy tickets over here.

That's a super special introductory price - after the 17 September date the price will go up to $80.  

In case you're worried about spending thing money, read about THIS:

The Symphony Law 110% money back guarantee

Let me say this nice and clear: 

The Symphony Law Seminar Series comes with a 110% no questions asked money back guarantee.  

We are asking you to take a chance on us, and we solemnly believe that what you are buying will bring you immense confidence and clarity.  But we're still asking you to take a risk on us.  

So to make the risk as painless as possible, we genuinely offer to refund you your money with a 10% extra payment to sweeten the deal.  If the package isn't what you thought, if it didn't help, for whatever reason, and you let us know within 30 days of the seminar you attended, we will refund you 110% of what you paid.  All we ask is that you return the toolkit materials to us when you do. 

Read more about the guarantee here

Where?  When?  How?

The first seminar is on Thursday, 17 September 2015, at 7pm at Orange Studio - 3/1063 Ferry Road, Woolston. That is when Katie will deliver the seminar and you will receive the toolkit.  

You can buy tickets over here.

Arrive early so you can grab a coffee and get settled before we kick off. 

I have more questions!

Our delightful FAQ answers those over here.

Coming soon: the DIY Creative Freelancer's Package: the mostly lawyer free toolkit to professionalise your legal and compliance obligations so you can get on with making art

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