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We are a premium litigation law firm, but not as you know it 

Symphony Law is a disputes and litigation law practice that we have designed to deliver a transformed experience of legal advice and advocacy.  

That means that our business model is lean, our fee system is completely different (no hourly billing!) and we prize close, big picture relationships with our clients (the strongest relationships are based on shared beliefs, after all).  

We have something really special to offer and we make it really easy to access: just give us a call and see what we can do for your business or dispute.  

If we can't help, chances are we will know someone who can. 

Katie Cowan: SYMPHONY LAW'S FOUNDer, DIRECTOR and chief lawyer 

Katie founded Symphony Law after several years working in the country's top commercial firms where she was lucky enough to work and learn under some of the best commercial litigators in the country.  

Katie's practice is in general commercial litigation, with a special focus on contract disputes, will and trust disputes, negligence and tortious disputes, and copyright and trade disputes.  Her favourite work involves one or both of the following: 

(1) a knotty legal issue (preferably several) and/or 

(2) a great client whose stress/distress can be relieved by good legal work.  

She believes that as commercial lawyers perhaps some of the best work we can do is making the confusing crystal clear or advocating on a client's behalf.  Either way, you get to be a real ally to the client and to improve their experience of the issue in some way.  It's great, and she have been lucky to have hundreds of experiences like that in her career.

On the business side, Katie believes business can, and must, be a force for good.  She is delighted to serve people and businesses who think the same, and is active in the social enterprise community.  Passionate about access to justice, Katie is developing the Symphony Seminar Series, a pithy and irreverent seminar series in which Katie teaches people who might not otherwise be able to afford a lawyer ways to better represent themselves in disputes.  

Outside of law Katie is a singer, humorist, writer, and avid reader, and loves spending time with family and friends outside in Christchurch's beautiful parks. 

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