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The Symphony Difference

Starting from scratch, we have redesigned the experience of consulting a lawyer.  That means we are not like most commercial firms, in ways big and small.  Here are just a few of the differences you will experience at Symphony Law:

  • We're lawyers you want to spend time with

We are really great to chat to!  We do our best work when we know you and your business or situation really well, and you know us well enough to trust and rely on us.  Developing that rapport is both vital and one of the best parts of our work.  Because we do not charge by the hour, we can take the time to do it.  

  • We price up front, before we start work

We sell our advice, not our time.  That means we are able to tell you your costs before we start work.  It also means that you do not have to worry about whether we are billing you for this phone call or that email; instead you can focus on the issue you've come to see us about.  Of course, if you would prefer us to work on an hourly rate, as we do for our lawyer clients, we can do that too. 

  • We offer significant discounts for immediate payment 

Most law firms have to spend time and money chasing payment of their bills, and those costs get folded back into the fees for the rest of their clients.  We have no time for that, so we ask clients to pay before we start work, or, for larger projects, according to a regular schedule that suits them.  We sweeten the deal by offering significant discounts for clients who pay before we start work. 

  • Access to justice gets us up in the morning

We are big picture kind of people, and on any view, lawyers are expensive.  More than two thirds of New Zealanders who would benefit from the advice of a lawyer cannot afford it.  That is not acceptable to us, so we are developing a range of initiatives to help New Zealanders help themselves better when they do not have a lawyer.  

In truth this is only the beginning of what makes Symphony Law special.  Explore the site or contact us to find out more. 

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