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How we bill: PUBLIC clients

We believe that one of the biggest problems with modern law is hourly billing.  Among other things, it makes costs uncertain, and it stops clients talking to their lawyer until too late.

We take time at the outset to establish what work will be required and how much it will cost. 

The initial chat is free

Before you sign on with a lawyer, it's important to get a feel for them and whether you have a rapport with them.  That's why we do not charge for you to call us and discuss your issue and whether we can help.  

Our legal advice is valuable, so we don't give that away for free, but we are very happy to discuss your issue or project and give you a sense of costs before you decide to engage us. 

If you do have a single issue you would like some brief advice on, consider our special one off consultation package below. 

How we price

Most law firms determine fees on the basis of an hourly rate.  However, that rate will often apply regardless of whether the lawyer is in a meeting, travelling, advising or appearing in Court.  We prefer a system of "value pricing", as it better captures the value of the work and reduces uncertainty for the client. We will usually give quotes on the basis of "phases" of a dispute, as we cannot always know at the outset what path a dispute will take. 

We determine the price of our work for you based on several different factors, including, for example:

  • the complexity or difficulty of the legal issues involved;
  • how often you would like to check in and discuss the issue;
  • in disputes, whether the approach of the other side is aggressive or cooperative;
  • the urgency of the matter, and in particular whether work will be required outside ordinary business hours; and
  • the value of the work to you.  

The time required to undertake the work is also relevant, but does not determine the price outright. 

Note: we are more than happy to work at an hourly rate if that is what you would prefer.  Many of our clients who are lawyers prefer this because it is how they operate in their own practice.  If you would prefer an hourly rate, please just ask.

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