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How do you pick a lawyer?

Disputes can take years.  It is important that your lawyer is someone you trust completely and, even better, enjoy spending time with.  You can take it as given that we are excellent at the legal craft - most litigation lawyers are - but what you might like to consider is the type of person you are, and whether we as your lawyers will fit with that.  

To make that easy for you, here are a couple of lists to consider:

Are you our client?

You might be our client if:

  • You care a lot  

  • You like to laugh

  • You are principled, even when no one is looking

  • You love random acts of kindness (especially anonymous ones)

  • You are smart, and you read a lot

  • You take a big picture view of life

  • You do great work, big or small

  • You are a bit of a non-conformist (secretly or otherwise!)

Are we your lawyers?

We might be a good fit as your lawyers if:

  • You take excellence in legal services as a given

  • You want someone with experience and insight into big firm commercial law, but without status quo lawyer thinking

  • You want a lawyer who sees themselves as your ally

  • You like working with the same lawyer throughout a dispute

  • You want a lawyer with the time to explain the disputes process

  • You want a lawyer who is mindful of the stress and distress caused by disputes, and factors that into advice and strategy

  • You like it when people bring their whole selves to a professional relationship

  • You want a lawyer who takes your costs personally

  • You want to know the cost before you start, and you don't want your lawyer thinking in "six minute units"

  • You want a lawyer that you want to spend time with

 If you don't think we are the right fit for you, give us a call anyway: we know a bunch of excellent other lawyers who might be!

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