The New Lawyer Podcast

Symphony Law has created a podcast for the profession: The New Lawyer Podcast.  Host Katie Cowan interviews lawyers and legal professionals from all perspectives and modes of practice in an extended conversation about what practising law is like now and what it could be.

Primarily intended for junior lawyers and law students, the podcast covers what the day to day practice of law is like in all sorts of disciplines, as well as broader issues that affect all lawyers.  Topics include mental health and stress management, gender and diversity representation, the transition from law school to practice, and the ways in which the practice of law is changing. 

The podcast is available for download via iTunes, the iOS podcast app, Spotify and Stitcher, and has its very own website over here.  The website also includes a comprehensive page of resources relevant to new lawyers and the practice of law.

The podcast is made possible with funding from the New Zealand Law Society's Canterbury-Westland Branch Benevolent Fund. 

The New Lawyer Column

Katie writes The New Lawyer Column in LawTalk each month.  You can find the columns by searching online editions here, starting from March 2017. 


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